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Bingo Bites Overview

 Chores and daily diet requirements fun?

Bingo Bites by Simplify Firefly is an amazing way to help your child learn responsibility and independence. Throw-out the chore list and incorporate their chores in Bingo Bites!

There are two versions of Bingo Bites. One version is for 4 – 8 year old children based on a 1600 calorie diet. The other version is for 9 – 13 year old kids based on a 2400 calorie diet. 

Simply download, print, and start playing!

Bingo Bites
Bingo Bites 9 - 13

“Mom, this is really cool! Can I use money for my markers tomorrow?” – Dave

When you accomplish something for the day you feel:


  • good
  • accomplished
  • purposeful
  • important
  • happy
  • meaningful
  • independent

This is so important for our children to experience. Accomplishing a goal not only builds confidence, but it helps with motivation and dreaming about the future. Bingo Bites lets your child see their accomplishments and at the end of the day get a reward.

$4.79 Each!

picky eater

Having a picky eater is no fun. Let’s face it; it makes our job a lot harder, not to mention, the bad guy. To this day I remember my grandma making me eat everything off my plate including the extra ketchup. And you know what happened? I never wanted to sit by my grandma at dinner, I gained weight, and I got addicted to ketchup! True story. Since then, I have lost the weight and my addiction… don’t touch the stuff.

Eating a healthy diet isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality. A diet with at least 2 servings of veggies is good, a diet with leafy greens is great, but a varied diet is best! So I wracked my brain to try and make eating healthy foods more fun. Yes, I tried hiding the food in baked goods and spaghetti sauce…did not work! And I tried making faces out of food…nope. Kids are smart, so let’s speak to that. 

In 2009 I created Bingo Bites; a game that teaches kids how to eat better, how to feel accomplished, and how to have a varied diet. This helped my son have fun with eating and it helped him choose foods that met the criteria; however, I felt some things were missing and he wanted it to be more challenging.

This past year, 2020, Bingo Bites was reinvented to cover more territory. I added manners, reading, outside time, and more! This not only included the food, but it helps teach everyday responsibilities and a more well-rounded day. My son’s daily chore chart turned into a bingo game. How cool is that?

I’ve been a “mama on a mission” since my son was born in 2008. Raising a child to be independent and to take responsibility for their own lives and actions is so incredibly rewarding! I try to always top off parental teachings with some fun because it makes childhood memories worth remembering. Helping kids have fun is a natural talent of mine, what is even sweeter is teaching them something too. In my professional life, I am certified in weight management and am a nutrition consultant. I am also a certified Life Coach and Life Breakthrough Coach. I love the outdoors, being goofy with my son, weeding (yep), and I enjoy camping with the family.

As a parent, I like to change up the prize. Lately, it’s been money. But when we first got started it was candy, for instance, I let him use Smarties candies as his markers, then he could eat those as his prize. Get creative, make the bingo prize something that motivates your kids.


Bingo bites

How to download:

  • Purchase Bingo Bites
  • Download
  • Print
  • Play

Only $4.79 Each

I personally love the Free Space option. If your kids are in need of a free space, they can ask YOU what you want them to do to earn it. For instance, if you have a chore that is not on the card, you can add it then, like, put your clean laundry away.

Bingo Bites also comes with serving size suggestions for food and ideas of what to serve. It’s easy to understand and have fun with. 

Bingo Bites
Bingo Bites 9 - 13


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