Jam sessions are the best! Gain a sounding board, a coach, or unload your mind. We’re here to help make your life easier, and the first step starts by talking with someone. Mark is your Money Coach, he’s passionate about helping others with money management and cash flow. I’m your personal Life Coach helping you simplify in everyday life. 

You’ll get our undivided attention, a follow-up email with a review and any helpful tips; and most importantly, you’ll either get a load off your shoulders or you’ll be incredibly inspired. I like to think of Jam Sessions as a new way of coaching because you get a little bit of everything in a less formal kind of way.

Sessions start at 20 minutes for a Jam and 15 minutes for Money coaching.

Christy is has helped people with product ideas, work projects, weight management, finding fun, organizing, and general assistance. You can learn more about me and my certifications here.

If you want to talk about money, Mark is your coach. He focuses on budgeting, cash flow, debt reductions, and business management. Learn more about Mark and his experience and certifications here.

How it works
We’ll connect 1:1 via phone or video conference by Zoom. Easy peasy!
• 20-minute conversation with Christy or 15-minute with Mark.
• A follow-up email with review
• Action steps

Please know our conversations are confidential.

 For any other information, contact me through the contact form on the Contact page.
**Cancellations: must give me a 24-hour notice via email to get a full refund.**
**No shows: if you miss the appointment, there will not be a refund.**

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