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LapLander Overview

I am taking mine daily in the car with me…. it is AWESOME for some back muscles!!!! A great help!!!- Rita T.

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The Ultimate Road Trip Companion!

Are you tired of balancing your lunch on your lap? I can help!

LapLander not only stabilizes your sandwich in the car, but it helps support your lumbar, gives an extra cushion for your tushy, folds into a pillow, gives more comfort with the seatbelt, and more!

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 I took the Laplander with me on a cross country trip. I used it for more than just catching my crumbs and placing my sandwich on it. It was also a head rest, sun shade, back cushion and lap desk. Very useful and handy! – Anna S.

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NOT this kind of Laplander from northern Europe also called Sami people. I’m talking about a physical product.

A physical LapLander is literally meant for the lap.


Here is a blog post about the LapLander if you want to read more:

Road Trip Must-Have

A LapLander:

  • Reduces stress when eating in a car, boat, or camp chair.
  • Comforts for your body where it needs a little extra support.
  • Relaxes your adductors (inner thighs) from clenching to balance your sandwich.
  • Serves as a cushion for naps or laps. 
  • Gives you confidence when traveling. 

“We just used our Laplanders on a cross-country trip.   I was driving my in-laws to see a relative.  Because of their age and COVID, we were very cautious about making stops along the way.  So we packed food to take with us instead of risking stops at restaurants.  The Laplander was wonderful not just for eating in the car but also for making sandwiches.  It provides is a convenient flat surface for doing so.   My in-laws also used their Laplanders for a pillow and for back support.  The other thing I appreciate is that they fit in the pocket on the backside of the seats (more convenient than other lap trays or other pillows). ” – Rob H.

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LapLander boat

How did the LapLander come to be? My first attempt at this product was back in 1998. I had made one for my Aunt, who lives in Chicago. Her commute was long and often meant breakfast in a back-up. She complained of how messy it would get on her lap from her meal. Knowing that I created this product with a piece of cardboard and gave it to her for Christmas. She absolutely raved about it, and still uses it today!

In 2019 I designed the LapLander to be more comfortable and versatile. What inspired my remake was my own job. At the time, I grocery shopped for other people and delivered their groceries to their homes. This meant a lot of time in my car. And with a full schedule, it also meant eating lunch in the car…

Because I packed my lunch, my food container was hard to balance on my lap, and honestly, my adductor muscles were exhausted from trying to keep my legs together to hold my lunch still. Not to mention my back ached and needed a little more support while driving.

I then redesigned the LapLander to solve my problems and I have been loving it! Every day I use my LapLander. Whether in the car for my lap or back, on the picnic table for my booty, or on my belly when my seatbelt is too tight, I have it with me! Simple, versatile, and super easy to use.

Oh, and when we go through the drive-through for my son, I give him a LapLander to use for his burger. He says, “Mom, this is so nice!”

The LapLander is the perfect item you’ll need on a road trip. My sister and I drove from Michigan to Colorado. It gave us somewhere to set food while we were eating and helped us stay clean. I used the LapLander for my lower back as an extra cushion, it was perfect! Honestly, we even used it to cover up our legs so they wouldn’t get sun burnt! The LapLander was so helpful in several ways for our road trip. I highly recommend this product. – Matti H.

Christy is passionate about practicality and simplicity. She loves to bring her ideas to life and create simple products that have an important use. Christy owns and operates and all its contents. She is a certified weight management and nutrition consultant. Christy is also a certified Life Coach and Life Breakthrough Coach. She loves the outdoors and enjoys camping with her family.

I tried out my new Laplander travel cushion on a recent family road trip out west. We prefer to pack our lunches and eat them in the car as we travel down the road. I found my Laplander gave me a clean place to rest my sandwich and chips. Not only that, because my Laplander is padded I used it as a back cushion. If you travel long distances in the car, you must have a Laplander. It will make your meals on the go less messy and your ride more comfortable during those long runs. – James S.

This is good! – Drew V.

With different fabric offerings everyone can have their own LapLander. No more mess-stress while eating on the road. No more seatbelt tightness around your tummy. Take the edge off your lumbar or your buns. Or rest your head happily in the car. The LapLander makes road trips more comfortable and enjoyable.

Made in the USA

Handmade by Christy herself

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