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Life purpose is an enormous topic. The best way to approach it is step-by-step. Many of us think that when we figure it out, we’ll have this euphoric experience; I know I have thought so, but it isn’t necessarily like that. ‘Purpose’ is truly a passion of mine. And my goal is to help people navigate their way to ‘meaning’. This is by no means a blog post to answer life purpose, gosh, I can’t answer that; but today you will get a good start on figuring it out.


There is no special timing on diving in on this topic, but this time of year is strange. When I did a keyword search on the word “purpose”, the month of November was the highest month people searched for it. Maybe it’s because summer fun is over and the winter holidays are coming? I don’t know. So how do we get our drive back?

The first thing we’re going to want to ask is: what does purpose mean to me? Let me help you by narrowing it down by category. What area do you feel you need more purpose?

  • Career?
  • Big Picture?
  • Identity?
  • Serving?
  • Other? Define___________

You may have more than one answer, that’s okay, it’s normal. Just write down the most pressing and ask yourself these three insightful questions:

The Blindside – Question 1

What was it that blindsided you? When we get stuck, there is something that caused us to get off the road. We just get stuck from nothing. Identify what contributed to where you are now. Was it an illness, a loss of a loved one, a financial dropout, a divorce, an injury, abuse, car accident, demotion, addiction, or a career change?

When we can identify what happened and when it happened, we’ll get a better understanding of the mind shift that occurred. Knowing this information we can now approach our immobilization with a different tactic to free ourselves of the muck. And most of the time that is with the opposite effect you felt. For instance, if an illness changed your game, wellness and good health need to fill that hole. If abuse was the factor, love and trust come to heal the wound. Here’s the money of it all: we must not let the event win. Our goal is to use the event to better ourselves and others. God never wastes a hurt.

man standing alone on a straight paved road with mountains in the background

The Mind Games – Question 2

With this being said, let’s get started to overcome. Paying attention to our thinking is a huge jumpstart. Rick Warren says, “The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel determines the way you act.” This is so true.

Question 2 is: What are you putting into your mind? Are you replaying the trigger? Watching the news? Listening to BS? How is what you’re hearing and watching affecting how you treat others? How is it impacting your health?

If you want to feel better, that’s right, you need to want to feel better, then replace what you put in your mind with better memories, positive shows, good conversations and amazing music. Part 2 of 2 is when we start working on the mind, we can begin working on the body. I’m an advocate for a healthy body, a happy size, and a simple menu. When we look good, we feel good and that’s motivation in itself. But it first begins in your head. If you want to learn an easy way to do this without the overwhelm, enroll in the My Wellness Way course today.

The Stimulant – Question 3

Speaking of motivation. What motivates you? When I’m done sulking in my stuck-ness…yes, its okay to have a pity party but for only one day…1 DAY! As for motivation, I need something or someone to motivate me to move. Self-motivation is a hard thing to do. It’s not impossible it’s just harder to train for the marathon, stick to the diet, meet the work goals, go after the dreams, etc. If you can’t find someone to hold you accountable or to keep you on track, turn to motivational speakers. Here are two short videos I thought you might like:

Okay, so we know what area we want to work in. We know what our turning point was. We know that our mind plays a big role in moving forward. Let’s shift and ask what is missing in all these things?

The Foundation of Purpose

Drum-roll please: Do you see what is missing? Even if you think you know, look under that layer.

In 1 John 4:8, John says “God is love.” Whether you’re conscious of it or not. Love is the bottom line. Love for ourselves, love for others, and the love to embrace our gifts to make things happen. God created you out of love and wants you to pass it on. Do you see it? Think about that for a minute.

It’s love that leaves a legacy. Look at Mother Teresa, John Muir, Nelson Mandela, and the people who have influenced you in your life. They didn’t spend their time on you because they were selfish, they poured into you out of love. I’ll leave you to think about it. Until next time, answer those questions and ask God to reveal a clue to your unique path.  

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