1 Simple Way to Make a Difference Globally

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What is one way you’d like to make a difference in this world? I have an easy and super effective idea for you and your family to look at; which could not only save a life but an entire village. We often take this one thing for granted, and most of us will continue to do so until we understand what it’s like to not have it. Let’s play a little game to see if you know what this is.

Quick quiz

Try and guess this simple thing that has a big impact, answer these three statements:

  • I planted a garden and depended on this to see my first flower bloom. What is it?
  • I had no energy, no appetite, no hope, all due to a rare disease that hindered me of this. What is it?
  • My husband left for a two-week venture to Nepal, his bravery and drive brought him there because of this for the people. What is it?

Do you know what it is? I bet it’s on your desk right now. It’s something so simple yet filled with power in a thousand ways. If you take notice of this you too will see where this small thing has made a big impact on your life. I know I’m not the only one.

My delighted encounter

When my husband and I moved into our new home I was giddy to have our own place. Before then we lived in apartments and duplexes. Some we fixed up and rented, others we lived there…no fixing needed. What a difference a house made for us! Sure there is a lot more responsibility, but as many I dreamed of my first real home. Granted it wasn’t brand new, but at least I could make a snow angel on the carpet without hitting any furniture!

Yet, the best part about our house is that it had a backyard. A garden was definitely in order. I wanted to see something I planted with my own hands grow. There is something magical about planting something. Getting my hands dirty was like therapy. Gardening renewed my mind, I didn’t think about work, or my to-do list, for all I focused on was the steps to gardening. Step one, weed, then break up the dirt (my favorite), push in a small hole, plant the seed, cover the seed, then water.

That first day in the garden was so fun. My dirt-filled fingernails delicately pushed the last seed into the ground, I gently covered the seed, and then watered. Now the sun does its job. And all I have left to do is to make sure it has water to grow. I knew this easy project was going to make a difference, not only for our own eye but for our neighbors. We reaped a harvest of food over the years with our garden, flowers delighted our souls, and we passed the love onto our neighbors. Some of our neighbors got inspired and even planted their own gardens. This garden made a difference in our small neighborhood, all because of water.

A fight that still haunts me

Exhausted and debilitated from nonstop nausea and uncontrolled vomiting I clenched my cross desperate for relief. Eight months of day-in and day-out sickness tormented my body and mind. I remember saying to myself, “This must be what it feels like to die”. If you have ever been severely dehydrated, you know what I’m talking about. Your body hurts, standing up straight is a joke, nothing sounds good to eat or drink, you can’t see straight, think right, and your head pounds. There is not an ounce of energy in your body. And when you pinch the skin on the back of your hand and the skin doesn’t bounce back, you know you’re severely dehydrated. I still use this trick today.

If I drank too much I’d throw it up. Nothing is worse than wanting to drink water, but can’t because it makes you sick. My body was present, but I was gone; all from a rare pregnancy disease. I kept thinking, “What do women do in 3rd world countries where the water is dirty and medical help is scarce? How do they survive? How do they thrive? I don’t think they do. An IV pierced my collapsed veins. The color in my face came back and I felt somewhat human again.

The lack of water can literally kill, it can leave a scar on our psyche, and our body doesn’t forget it. That’s the scary part that our bodies don’t forget. For instance, when I get the stomach bug, my body remembers dehydration and immediately shuts down to preserve what it’s got. Thankfully I can go the to ER for fluids. If I didn’t, I probably would have died eight times already. Water saves the day.

On a global level

My husband’s heart beat towards a little village in Nepal near the epicenter where an 8.1 earthquake hit in 2015. The earthquake killed at least 9000 people; it flattened villages, triggered avalanches, landslides, not to mention destroying watersheds. Never being on a mission trip he chose to go across the globe, to camp on the ground, ride treacherous roads for 10 hours, and have land leeches eat at his feet.

While he was there he took notice of what the people needed most…and acted on it. They needed water. People were getting sick because of the dirty water. I kept thinking of my dehydration experience, granted they may not have been vomiting, but diarrhea can do the exact same thing. My husband was a changed man after that trip. He made it his mission to get water filters to that village, then from the help of Genesis Waters, he was able to install two entire water filtration systems for the village. People walked miles outside of the village to use it. After seeing how one simple necessity could change an entire village, he dove into helping more people with clean water and is now a board member of Genesis Waters. To this day hundreds of people from that small Nepal village are using the exact water filters; they are feeling better, stronger, and cared for just because of water.

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Anyone can make a difference with water. Our neighborhoods, the health of our own bodies, and villages across the globe. Clean water makes us stronger in more ways than one. Not one person can survive over three days without water. This may not be an exciting cause to support, but it is a life-saving one that will make a difference for generations to come.

Simple ideas to make a difference with water:

  • Drink it for good health, a clearer mind, and a cleaner body. Use a water filter for home. We use this one. I absolutely love it and trust it.
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  • Conserve it. Get a rain barrel. We have one like the one below. You can also limit your time in the shower less and flush less.
  • Help the environment. Plant trees or a garden near a creekbed, the vegetation naturally filters water from rain and melting snow that runs into it.
  • Support organizations like Genesis Waters who can bring clean water to people in 3rd world counties. Trust me, you don’t ever want to experience dehydration via disease or lack of water…neither do they or their precious babies.
  • Teach your kids about water. Kids can get into this. It’s something they can relate to immediately.
  • Minister with it for others.

Teaching our kids compassion- two ideas

Want your kids to feel the compassion for water? Here’s idea #1. Recently my son’s class went on a field trip. They had been learning about a village in Africa where they had to walk five miles to a river to retrieve water. And the water wasn’t even clean. The women and children were sent there with big tubs to fill up and balance on their heads as they walked another five miles home. As a class, they reenacted what these people had to do. Instead of tubs, each kid was giving two empty milk gallons containers. The kids had to walk two miles through a forest to get to a pond. They filled up their jugs and had to walk two miles back with the heavy jugs. The class, of course, didn’t drink the water, but that experience helped them be more appreciative of what they have at their fingertips…a faucet.

Idea #2

Another idea to do with your kids is to simply take them camping. This can be as simple as buying a couple of jugs of water and living off of those for the weekend. Or you can take it to the next level and purchase a water filter and filter your own water from a body of water. I’m talking rustic camping; no showers, no potties, no water pump. This experience will not only toughen your kiddos up, but again help them be thankful for what they have. And they’ll have a lot of fun! Here is the water filter my husband recommends.

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Together we can make a difference in this world if we just focus on water. Simple, yet powerful.

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