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I recently talked to a friend of mine who said she forgot how to dream. She didn’t remember how to do it. When life takes over and kids are screaming I can see how our day-dreams turn into day-to-day monotony. Let’s fix that.

First off let me reiterate that dreaming is super healthy! In fact, dreaming might save your life for that matter. It provides hope, encouragement, and it gives us something to strive for every day. It gives us purpose and meaning. Individuality.

How do you dream?

This might sound easier said than done, but a good exercise is to think about winning the lottery. What would you do with all that money? Would you pay off your debt? Buy a new house? Go on a trip around the world? Give it to a charity? This is where we start. We start with ‘what if’ questions.

If I had all the money in the world and no responsibilities, what would I do?

I have amazing health and the freedom to do anything, what would it be?

I am amazingly smart, what am I doing to do with my wisdom?

These questions may seem extreme or unrealistic, but remember, this is an exercise to get your dream-juices flowing. Maybe a more realistic question is: when the kids are out of the house, what is it that I’ve always wanted to do? Or another approach is to think about when you were a little girl. What did you dream about doing as an adult?

It’s fun to dream. You learn a lot about yourself. No one can steal your dream from you. They may try, but they aren’t you and they don’t have your magic touch.

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How do we make our dreams come true?

Well, I’m no expert, because I’m still working on my dream. But I do know a few things that have worked for me. Check these five actions that help our dreams come into reality.

1- Pray about it. Ask for opportunities to present themselves. And ask for a person that can help you.

2- Do something about it. God may want you to fulfill your dream, but He’s probably not gonna help you much if you don’t get off the couch and work hard for it. He might just be waiting for you to take the first step! Do one little thing today towards your dream, maybe it’s writing it down?

3- Don’t lose sight of it. People are going to try and change your mind, twist your big picture, or tell you it’s ridiculous….stand firm and stick with what you’ve always wanted. We are all unique for a reason, stay unique!

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4- Read the Bible. That may sound silly to you. But it works. It WORKS! I recently had a huge question answered by reading the Bible. It was totally unexpected and surprisingly comforting and reassuring. Invest in a Life Application Study Bible….huge help in understanding scripture. One of my strategies for reading the Bible is that I look at the concordance in the back of it. I find words that POP at me. Then I read the scriptures underneath that word. And as a bonus, I read the study notes if available. It takes five minutes or less.

5- Plan. Then plan some more. Write down, draw, voice record, you name it….anything and everything about your dream and what you want it to be like. Even write down what you’ll do with your riches after you hit it big….riches as in time, money, or love you received.

Get back into dreaming by asking yourself fun questions, write all those dreams down, and pick which one you can be starting working on today. Then take some action on it. Pray, take a step of faith, stand firm, read the Word, and draw a plan. We all love planning! Enjoy this journey, receive motivation by simply dreaming.

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