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Where I Buy Memory Guide Overview

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Never forget where you bought something again!

Where I Buy Memory Guide is to help you remember where you bought those specialty items or where you got services done. Make life easier with this guide.

Simply download, print, and fill in your information.

“I have a terrible time remembering where I bought what. Thanks for this!” – Sarah



  • reduces stress
  • saves time
  • helps family members
  • quick to find
  • helps with organization

Only $.99!

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I used to have “Sticky Note Syndrome”. You know, where you write one a sticky note to remember something, then you’d put the sticky note in a ‘safe’ place…all to find it not there when you needed it. AH! Talk about frustration.

I created Where I Buy Memory Guide because month after month when I needed to reorder vitamins or supplements, or even dog treats, I couldn’t remember where I bought them! Was it online? Where? Was it in a store? Where? I was driving myself NUTS! I’d write down on a sticky note where I bought it, then I’d lose the note! For Pete Sake! 

Since I made my guide, I have gone from a stressed-out mama who hates to shop, to a happy mama who doesn’t mind shopping…because I know where to go! Less gas spent, less getting in and out of the car, less multiple accounts online at various online retailers. I’m simply make a note on my guide and refer to it when I need it! 


I’ve been a “mama on a mission” since my son was born in 2008. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing my son laugh and have fun. But with motherhood comes more things to remember! I love this guide and can’t express how much it has helped me get organized.

In my professional life, I am certified in weight management and am a nutrition consultant. I am also a certified Life Coach and Life Breakthrough Coach. I love the outdoors, being goofy with my son, and I enjoy camping with the family.

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How to download:

  • purchase 
  • download
  • print
  • fill out with your information


Download instructions

Simply hit any purchase/download button and follow the instructions.

Return Policy

Unfortunately, I cannot accept returns for downloadable products. 

Pay through SendOwl

When you click to download you will be taken to SendOwl to purchase the printable. You can pay by credit card there. After you pay you will have access to the download.

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