IBD Guide: Triggers and What to do for IBD


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Want to get to the bottom of your IBD (intestinal bowel disease)? This IBD guide ebook could have your answers and give you a management plan that could be a game-changer!

Back in 2016, I started to experience digestive problems that wouldn’t go away. I refused to settle with my diagnosis and be on prescriptions with nasty side effects. With years of trial and error, plus hundreds of hours of research, I am now at a point where I can manage my gut without medication and live a normal life!

Learn what might trigger a flare in your IBD, understand what could be the cause of your digestive issues in the first place, and get legitimate ideas on how to manage and heal your gut. I know what it feels like to have this kind of issue both physically and mentally, it is possible to heal and live a normal life with confidence. Keep moving forward!

This IBD guide eBook is in PDF format, only 17 pages packed with information I wish I had in 2016. Easy to download and read on your computer or print out.

You’ll learn about:
★ How to deal with IBD mentally
★ Major allergens
★ Histamine
★ Bile Acid
★ Yeast
★ Probiotics guide
★ Digestive enzymes
★ and more!


PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, nor am I trying to be, I am simply sharing my story, what I learned, and the ways I dealt with my digestive upset. If you try anything new, it is at your own risk. Please consult your doctor or functional doctor first before changing anything.

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