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Looking for a funny children’s book? Add “INK” to your library! This children’s book takes you on a journey with a pen…who can’t write. Ink, a retractable pen, wants to be the favorite pen that sits in the shirt pocket. He knows how to get there, but he has a serious problem…he can’t write. Will the pen pals help him? Will Ink become the favorite pen? Hold on to your pen caps as Ink takes you on a journey that brings you a giggle and a surprise ending. Plus get added bonus jokes! A funny children’s book that keeps on giving.

In this beloved children’s book story, Christy takes a simple pen and creates a delightful story full of humor and the account of friendship. With expressive pictures and a story twist, sit back and enjoy a good chuckle. You may never look at a pen in the same way.

You’ll get:
★ A physical paperback book

★ 9 bonus family-friendly jokes

★ Signed by Christy, the author!

★ Personalize; by giving me a name and writing an encouraging note in the book (optional).

★ FREE shipping in the United States

Be sure to get your free INK activity page here! Christy has been writing stories for children since 2011. She’s written “Corn on the Cob Song Fun” found on YouTube, “My Rock Collection” for Highlights High Five Magazine, and many silly stories her son loved as a child. She has been a member of SCBWI and has attended multiple children’s writing conferences. “Ink” is her first published story that’s been read to many elementary classrooms and has been kid-tested and approved! Get ready for “Ink” to capture the meaning of friendship and determination.

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–> Resale in any form (physical or digital) PROHIBITED

Ink A Funny Children's Book

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