Simple Happy Wellness Strategies


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Lose weight for good with these natural and highly effective weight loss strategies. We cover simple ways to lose weight all the while healing your body and nourishing your soul. With my gradual approach, you will be happier, fulfilled, and more in control than with other expensive weight loss programs. With my simple strategies, I lost 20 pounds and have kept it off for over 25 years! That is one of the reasons why I wrote this ebook and have it at an affordable price…it’s easy and it works. I want you to feel your best and I want you to heal from inflammation in your body!

In the ebook, I ask you five critical questions to get you on the path to healing. You will get numerous resources to guide your steps. This is the most cost-effective way to lose weight for good and to nurture your mind & soul. $75 value, yours for $5.99! 

Simple Happy Wellness Strategies is a downloadable workbook. You can follow along with a notebook, or print certain pages. Each strategy chapter lays out a wellness strategy and asks a question that helps you navigate to a game plan that works for you. At the end of each chapter, you get a list of action steps specific to that particular weight loss and wellness strategy!

In this downloadable eBook/workbook other things we cover include:

★ Dreams & Goals
★ Stumbling blocks
★ Stress management techniques
★ How to be happy every day
★ Peace
★ How to strengthen your relationship with God
★ Understanding inflammation
★ Food combining & digestive enzymes
★ How to boost your immune system
★ How to handle setbacks
★ Grocery shopping tips
★ Food substitutes
★ Vitamin & Mineral Guide
★ And many more resources!

This is a must-read for those who want to lose weight and keep it off…not to mention…being happy and in the right place. These weight loss strategies are simple to incorporate into your lifestyle. Down-to-earth tone and easy to do…Simple Happy Wellness Strategies.

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Simple Happy Wellness Strategies

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