The LapLander: Road Trip Must-Have!

Nov 19, 2020 | Family Life

Road trips are the ultimate carefree vacation. Gazing at the countryside, rockin’ to your playlist, and pulling through your favorite fast-food joint is a joy to the soul. These are all great things, but I want to make your road trip even better. How to do that? There are two major problems in the ‘cabin’ that can irritate your road trip: being uncomfortable and making a mess while eating. Let’s solve them with one simple solution.

the LapLander
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The #1 problem that makes or breaks a road trip is COMFORT.

If your body isn’t comfortable, a three-hour trip is going to feel like a five-day trip. And when you become middle-aged or older, your body will be sure to tell you you’re getting old. No one wants that! My go-to when it comes to comfort is a new product called the LapLander. It is a versatile cushion that can be used for many things, like eating on your lap. But when it comes to a sore back or aching booty, the LapLander certainly takes the edge off. I personally use mine every day in the car for my back. My sister folds hers in half and uses it as a pillow. Let me help you get more comfortable in your car, get a LapLander.

The #2 problem is eating in the car.

After picking up your lunch from a drive-through restaurant, eating it becomes a challenge. You’re either balancing your burger on the gap of your lap or you’re scarfing it down in a few bites. What fun is that? It’s not. Let’s face it, balancing your burger or salad on your lap is downright dangerous, especially if you’re driving.  It’s not illegal to eat and drive, but you can get pulled over for being distracted and careless with your driving. To be safer and cleaner, I use the trusty LapLander.

The LapLander used as a lap-top is perfect for setting your salad or sandwich on it. There is a non-slip strip to help your lunch stay in place and give your inner thighs a break from squeezing. This product is great for anyone who has to eat in the car, not just road trippers, but truck drivers, Lift drivers, Shipt Shoppers, or the like.

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A little LapLander History

You might be thinking of the Northern European people, also called Sami. The history of these people is quite remarkable. The sad part is that in English they were referred to as Lapps or Laplanders: some of the Sami people find “Laplander” to be offensive. I fully respect the Sami and by no means are using the word ‘LapLander’ to bring offense. My product has no relation to the Northern European community. The LapLander is literally a lap lander.

Why I Created it

As my own personal testimony, I love this thing, not just because I invented it, but because it works! I used to be a Shipt Shopper, a person that grocery shops for other people. With a job like that, I found myself eating in the car on my shop days. Frankly, my inner thighs were getting too tight and exhausted from me trying to balance my food on my lap, which leads me to eat faster, and when you eat faster your body fires back. Not cool.

Road trip, camping, and more!

As for road trips. The LapLander saved me in so many ways. This is a definite road trip essential! Not only did I feel confident handing my son his burger to eat on his lap, but I used it between my belly and the seat belt. Why do seat belts seem to get tighter and tighter as we travel? No, I’m not talking about getting bloated from fast food. Some seatbelts don’t glide like they used to. This annoyance was solved with the LapLander. I remember one trip I literally was using four LapLanders: 1 for my lumbar, 1 for my butt, 1 for my seat belt, and 1 for my lunch. It was pretty comical but I was comfortable!

The LapLander is also awesome for camping. We camped for nine weeks this past summer! Nothing beats a soft cushion on a picnic table, especially if you have a sore booty. Eating around the campfire was a breeze with the LapLander on my lap. No balancing act! Did I mention camp chair support? At times those camp chairs can sag in places that need more support. The LapLander can fill those gaps. The LapLander sure made camping more comfortable.

People have used them for commuting to and from work, backpacking, tailgating, and sports watching. The LapLander is seriously a game changer where sitting is involved.

LapLander camping

What others have to say:

I took the Laplander with me on a cross country trip. I used it for more than just placing my sandwich on it. It was also a headrest, sun shade, back cushion, and lap desk. Very useful and handy!

– Anna S.

The LapLander is the perfect item you’ll need on a road trip. My sister and I drove from Michigan to Colorado. It gave us somewhere to set food while we were eating. I used the LapLander for my lower back as an extra cushion, it was perfect! Honestly, we even used it to cover up our legs so they wouldn’t get sun burnt! The LapLander was so helpful in several ways for our road trip. I highly recommend this product. 

– Matti H.

I am taking mine daily in the car with me…. it is AWESOME for some back muscles!!!! A great help!!!

– Rita T.
laplander uses

Where to buy

The LapLander helps you relax on the road in so many ways. Add this to your road trip essential checklist. It will save you a ton of stress both physically and mentally.

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