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Back to School Bundle Overview

Get prepared for back to school!

Going back to school is an exciting time for both parents and kids. It’s almost like New Years Day: a new routine starts, there’s more consistency in our day, and there are different opportunities to love on our kids.

In this bundle, you will get three amazing downloadable printables that both mom and child benefit from. They are Bingo Bites, Lunch Box Notes, and a Meal Planner.

Bingo Bites
Lunchbox Notes
meal planner

(Download from Etsy)

When you eat right and feel loved you feel:


  • unstoppable
  • valuable
  • purposeful
  • strong
  • confident

This is so important for our children to experience. It sets a stage for when they’re older. Accomplishing a goal not only builds confidence, but it helps with motivation and dreaming about the future.

Bingo Bites lets your child see their accomplishments and at the end of the day get a reward.

Lunchbox Notes reminds your child that you’re thinking of them throughout their day, that they matter to you, and are loved. 

Meal Planner is for everyone to know what’s coming. Have you ever found that thinking of something to eat is hardest part about dinner? A meal planner reduces stress for everyone!


I’ve been a “mama on a mission” since my son was born in 2008. Raising a child to be independent and to take responsibility for their own lives and actions is so incredibly rewarding! I try to always top off parental teachings with some fun because it makes childhood memories worth remembering. Helping kids have fun is a natural talent of mine, what is even sweeter is teaching them something too. In my professional life, I am certified in weight management and am a nutrition consultant. I am also a certified Life Coach and Life Breakthrough Coach. I love the outdoors, being goofy with my son, weeding (yep), and I enjoy camping with the family.

Bingo Bites 4-8 year old

Bingo bites

Bingo Bites is designed to help your child get their daily nutritional needs along with living a healthier lifestyle. This daily game not only includes the basic food groups but water, exercise, outside time, reading, manners, and you can add chores! Use anything you want for the markers, my son likes Smarties candies or pennies. And parents you can pick their prize when they get a Bingo or two or three! 


Lunchbox Notes

It’s amazing how far a little note from mom or dad can do for a child. Sending some encouragement or a funny joke in their lunch is a special loving treat for them to hang on to for the rest of their day. Within LunchBox Notes, you’ll get 56 jokes and 120 encouragement notes…there is a little bit of Jesus in them. 

Meal Planner

meal planner

Meal planning in it’s simplest form. Print out and fill in! For me, I only put in what we’re having for dinner. I also let my son pick a day and have him decided what we’re going to have. Attach this planner to the refrigerator so the whole family and answer their own question, “What’s for Dinner?”

Only $4.79 for the Bundle


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Unfortunately, I cannot accept returns for downloadable products. 

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