Simple Happy Weight Loss Strategies

Printable Quotes & Inspiration

Need a quick qift? What about inspiring home decor? Quotes and simple words of inspiration and encouragement can give your home or office a classy look. Simply download, print, and place in a frame. Simple and powerful. 


The LapLander

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Road trip? Get comfort in the car, campground, and cookout. The LapLander gives you confidence when you find yourself using your lap as a placemat. It not only stabilizes your sandwich on your lap, but it helps support your lumbar, it gives you extra cushion for your tushy, folds into a pillow, and more! Simple, yet practical, and very effective.

Simple Happy Weight Loss Strategies

Simple Happy Wellness Strategies

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The book is filled with valuable resources and proven methods to improve your wellness, lose weight, and feel better in mind, body, and spirit. Christy takes you on a step-by-step journey and teaches you how to find and maintain your ‘happy size’ for good!

Lunchbox Note Jokes

Lunchbox Note Jokes

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Lunchbox Note Jokes by Simplify Firefly is sure to put a giggle in your child’s day. Written for 1st – 5th Graders. There are 96 family-friendly jokes and 8 bonus fun facts! Start using them today at school, vacation, or camp!

Simply download, print, and cutout.

lunchbox notes

Lunchbox Notes

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Lunchbox Notes by Simplify Firefly is here to give your child a little love in the middle of their day. Written for 1st – 5th Graders. There are 176 total notes: 56 family-friendly jokes, 120 notes ranging from affirmations, encouraging words, and a little Jesus.

do more than exist mug

Do More Than Exist Products

You can now get all your Do More Than Exist products on Etsy. Choose from vibrant coffee mugs, to powerful stickers, and t-shirts. Check out the new designs at my Etsy shop!

Bingo Bites Junior

Bingo Bites Junior

This is a downloadable bingo to help your child learn about diet, activity, and self-care. Made for kids 3+ years old. Comes with 3 cards. The child aims to fill one row. If they eat one fruit serving, they must only pick one fruit space, and so on. Win by choice, not by chance!

Bingo Bites

Bingo Bites 4 - 8!

This is a downloadable bingo to make daily chores and daily nutrition requirements fun! Made for kids 4 – 8 years old. This is an amazing way to help your child learn responsibility, strategy, and independence. Throw-out the chore list and incorporate their chores in Bingo Bites! 

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