3 Steps to Preserve Our Space

May 7, 2018 | Family Life | 0 comments

lost in space ad

Okay, so right now on Netflix, my family and I are watching the remake of the 1965 TV series “Lost in Space”. It’s about the Robinson family who goes on a space adventure to find a better planet to live on…earth is dying. Well, they crash on this alien planet, which is incredibly beautiful but has a whole bunch of mess with it. To top it off they have ridiculously dishonest “Dr. Smith” and a bipolar robot, named “Robot”. Will Robinson, the youngest in the Robinson family becomes friends with Robot. Robot protects Will and warns him if danger is near. This is where we hear the infamous, “Danger Will Robinson”. The crew battles crazy challenges that are stupidly entertaining and unrealistic, but I love to watch them play the game of survival. Each character has their own distinct nature that anyone can relate to. And now Netflix just came out with Season 2, which is just as good as Season 1. I’m addicted to this show! Go watch it.

Space Invaders

This post isn’t about a Lost In Space review, although I could go on and on about it. Instead, I wanted to bring your attention to a different kind of space, physical space. Space in our homes, our backyards, and our overall planet. Our space is getting invaded by…ourselves. If there is space, we want to fill it. This is true with our stomachs, our homes, our phones, Pinterest page, and our closets. I could go onto say that space affects our wallets, but that’s a different post. When we manage our space, let’s say the kitchen cupboard, we can see our options easily and we’re less stressed because it’s organized. But what if we went beyond the cupboard and into our backyards. I know that’s pretty drastic, but hand with me.

Earth and survival go hand in hand. Everything we need to survive is outdoors; the sun, trees, plants, clean air, water, resources, and beauty to entertain. Our Heavenly Father created us to live on earth, but let’s face it, we are invading it and destroying the power pellets to make it work properly. In “Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren he expresses, “You were created to add to life on earth, not just take from it”.  I think he meant this in a purposeful way, but you can also look at this with a physical sense.

“GPGP” what?

I recently heard about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP). The pristine Pacific Ocean that is the lifeblood to our planet is slowly and steadily being filled with garbage. Right now the patch has more than doubled the size of Texas! Whoa, say what? The Pacific Ocean isn’t in my backyard, but it’s a crucial part of why and how our environment works.

Let me take the mic for a minute

I understand everyone is not into nature, but you’re still a human who drinks water, breathes air, and who likes to go to the beach for vacation. Our existence impacts the earth’s existence, and if the earth dies, so do we.

Most of us have taken initiatives to do our part to help preserve and protect our backyards. Thank you! But some of us just don’t get it, or frankly, we don’t care. For instance, we have big trash bins but no recyclable bin, we use chemicals on our grass, and we keep the car running while sitting in a parking lot. There is a lot to be said about comfort vs character. I’m not asking for people to give up toilet paper, I’m just asking for awareness…your personal wakefulness on the subject. Think of it this way, if we don’t take notice of our actions, our future grandchildren just may be called the Garbage Pail Kids.

What is space?

John Muir answers that question pretty straight forward: “Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.”

John Muir quote in trees

Whether you are a city slicker or country folk, the outdoors is a necessity in life; it’s our peacekeeper for the mind, body, and even relationships. It’s our space that doesn’t need to be filled with all our stuff. So what can you do today to help with our space issue?

Here are 3 survival steps to start with:

#1 Connect with nature. Kind of how Will Robinson connected with the robot. After they developed a relationship with each other, they took care of each other. Go barefoot, roll in the leaves, swim in a lake or ocean, exercise outdoors, have a picnic, start a garden, or simply let her entertain you. Make time to do this.

#2 Put a picture of the GPGP or any garbage dump on your refrigerator. Seeing is believing. Be proud of how much you recycle. Measure how much you do. Your actions will influence your neighbors or at least get them thinking!

#3 Plant a tree. Trees do a whole for us, like helping us breathe! Trees are easy to take care of and they bring personality to your yard. Heck, you can name them if you want! I named my Blue Spruce “Bruce”. Need a tree? Go to the Arbor Day Foundation. You can have them plant a tree for you where it’s needed most!

ocean with Mother Teresa quote

We may not be lost in space, but we may just lose space on our planet. Cue the robot, “Danger, Will Robinson.” Find your own ‘earth thing’, then own it.

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