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Lunchbox Note Jokes Overview


Want to make your child’s day extra special?

Backpack Note Jokes by Simplify Firefly is sure to put a giggle in your child’s day. Written for 1st – 5th Graders. There are 96 family-friendly jokes and 8 bonus fun facts! Giving you a total of 104 notes.

Simply download, print, and cutout. There’s still space to write “Love Mom”, “Love Dad”, or “Love Fido”.

“The jokes your son gets are so funny. That’s so cool you do that. Thank you for making school a little more fun.” – Mr. B (5th-grade math teacher)

When you get a special note from someone you feel…


  • noticed
  • that you matter
  • loved
  • important
  • that you exist
  • special

Only $1.79!

kids laughing

Being the new kid on the bus and/or school can be pretty scary and nerve-wracking for our kiddos. How can us mama’s help? By giving them a little giggle.

Lunchbox Note Jokes not only serve as an ice-breaker for fellow students, but laughter naturally relaxes us and helps us be ourselves. A little note with a joke can go a long way.

Since 2013 I’ve been putting a note in my son’s lunch. It started out just for fun, like no big deal; but then he kept asking me to continue to put notes in his lunch…even if it just said, “Hi!”

Since Lunchbox Notes, the older he got the more he enjoyed the jokes. But I ran out of jokes and was spending more time finding or creating a joke than I did making dinner! Talk about stress. My fix? Lunchbox Note Jokes.

I did extensive research and only made jokes or found jokes that were kid-appropriate. And I gotta tell ya, there are some good ones!

Now, all I do is slide the joke in his backpack, lunch, or pocket and I’m done! He feels special, I feel good, and laughter spreads!

I’ve been a “mama on a mission” since my son was born in 2008. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing my son laugh and have fun. Isn’t that what childhood is about? We’ve created many ideas together, even some of these jokes! Helping kids have fun is a natural talent of mine. In my professional life, I am certified in weight management and am a nutrition consultant. I am also a certified Life Coach and Life Breakthrough Coach. I love the outdoors, being goofy with my son, and I enjoy camping with the family. 

Every day my son always comments on the joke he got that day. It’s so funny how this simple note can make such a big impact on a kid. 

He says his friends loved the joke or that he showed the joke to his teacher and it cracked him up. It’s truly a conversation starter. 

The older he’s gotten the more he enjoys them. He’s said to me, “Mom, please don’t stop the notes. I love them.”

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How to download:

  • purchase jokes
  • download
  • print
  • cut out
  • sign the note

Only $1.79


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