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Want a happy home? Get tips on how to simplify life, how to reduce stress naturally, and bring happiness into your home! With over 90 blog posts coming from personal experience including family fun, personal development, and gluten-free recipes, you will find inspiration and solutions to the things that get in our way.

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At Simplify Firefly, I focus on inspiring you to simplify your life, how to reduce stress naturally, and how to bring happiness into your home… to shine your light.  

My name is Christy. I’m a mama, blogger, author, Etsy Shop owner, and gluten-free consumer. Throughout my decades I’ve noticed that ‘simple’ has twinkle. Simplifying my lifestyle has helped me experience beautiful moments, healing, and joy in myself and my family!

At Simplify Firefly you’ll find inspiration in pursuing a lighter lifestyle. Get simplifying ideas, stress management tips, gluten-free recipes, nutrition strategies, Jesus’s love, mental wellbeing suggestions, inspirational quotes, and family fun ideas.

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How to Get Motivated: 4 Critical Tips to Start Anything

How to Reduce Stress in Your Life: 10 Breakthrough Tips

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How to Brighten A Room Under $60: 8 Amazing Tips!

How to Brighten A Room Under $60: 8 Amazing Tips!

Learn how to brighten a room for under $60. For most people, your home or office is where you spend the majority of your time. So it’s important that the room you spend a lot of time in makes you feel good. If you want to be a happier person, take a look around and...

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Versatile Grain-Free Pasta Salad Recipe

Versatile Grain-Free Pasta Salad Recipe

Try this amazingly simple grain-free pasta salad recipe. Only seven ingredients and easy to make. Plus it has bacon! I love this recipe because it is versatile. Going gluten-free is hard enough, but grain-free is even more challenging. The beauty of this grain-free...

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Stress Free Moving: 2 Critical Steps

Stress Free Moving: 2 Critical Steps

Stress free moving sounds amazing and IS possible, the trick is to know what stresses you out and beat it at its own game. Moving is one of the biggest stress events in someone’s life. It’s no small task whether you’re moving down the street or across the country;...

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4 Simple Reduce Stress Strategies for You & Your Kids

4 Simple Reduce Stress Strategies for You & Your Kids

When we look at our children we can easily think they don’t have any stress. We might say, “What possibly could they be stressed out about?” Kids have stress, just like us. It might look different, but they do, and knowing how to relieve it can be confusing for them,...

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How To Be Less Busy: #1 Mistake People Make

How To Be Less Busy: #1 Mistake People Make

Let me help you to know how to be less busy by avoiding this one mistake people make. But before I do, can you relate? Every year I say to myself, “I can handle May and June; "busy" won't overtake me. I’m prepared for it.” But when that time hits all the neat and tidy...

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Personal Development

Ink children's story

Just released! “Ink” by Christy

This children’s book takes you on a journey with a pen…who can’t write. Ink, a retractable pen, wants to be the favorite pen that sits in the shirt pocket. He knows how to get there, but he has a serious problem…he can’t write. Will the pen pals help him? Will Ink become the favorite pen? Hold on to your pen caps as Ink takes you on a journey that brings you a giggle and a surprise ending.

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Don’t forget to download Ink’s Activity Pages!

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“Christy’s blog posts are loaded with valuable information about how to navigate life. Big issues, big options for taking on the issues, very full of good reading and good actions if you heed the wisdom and suggestions and do what moves you. Thank you Christy for bringing yourself and real-life experiences into all this. I have been truly moved and inspired.


“I am SO incredibly thankful for Christy and her beautiful heart and insightful spirit. I was referred to Christy and found her immediately to be uplifting. She is an amazing woman of faith who reinforces courage to stand up and fight for the best.


“This was my first experience with a life coach and it was great! Christy asked thought provoking questions to make you think harder about specific aspects of your life. She was very attentive, and had useful information to make this process a success.”


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