Mission: To encourage busy women to simplify their lives in a way that promotes balance and love in their daily routine. 

We’re hard-working women who want to make things happen, yet achieve balance in life, right? We wear multiple hats a day and at times I’ve been known to misplace a hat or two. Madness in my mess is a real thing! And you know what was throwing me off? Clutter! I’m not a hoarder, I’m not a minimalist, I’m in-between the two like many of us. There was clutter in not just my junk drawer, but in my body, my pocketbook, and my mind. We are family-owned and love trying out new ways to simplify.

My Story

Let me cut to the chase of my story and share with you the point in which I understood ‘Simplicity’ was in my future. After my husband and I had our son, we sat down and planned what we wanted to do as parents. One of those ideas was to take him camping to teach him about playing outdoors, traveling, and meeting new people. When he was about four years old we loaded up our vehicle. No joke we LOADED it up. The tent, the cots, the bedding, cooler, mini kitchen, toys, clothes, dog stuff, FOOD, water, bug spray, toothbrushes, carpet, broom, ya-da, ya-da…and because we camped with friends we brought a large canopy tent to hangout under if it rained. Oh, and it RAINED…remember we’re in a tent. This process was ridiculous. And I haven’t even mentioned the bathroom. It’s very difficult to not wake the family when you have to unzip, zip, unzip, and zip up the tent just to go pee! And I’m a night pee-er. When all said and done, it took us two hours to pack, two hours to set up camp, and four hours to pack up again and put away stuff…if it wasn’t wet! And at least two glasses of wine and a hot bath to recuperate.

Camping is great! No seriously, I highly recommend it. But don’t do it as we did. My problem was that I wanted the comforts of home in a tent. Believe me I roughed it in a tent for many years before my family, and honestly, my body was done roughing it, hence the packing list. But because we were making camping so difficult, we weren’t camping anymore. We were missing out on great opportunities all because we got overwhelmed with the packing process. The learning piece of all this, is that we learned. We tried it, we did it…for five years…and asked ourselves how can we continue to go camping yet make it simpler and easier on us?

We bought a camper. We went from camping only four days in the summer to camping 55+ days throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall. What a game-changer. This is just an example of us taking something we made extremely complicated and draining, to a lighter and enjoyable experience.

So my big question was, “How do I do this with my life?” Well, the first thing I did was hold a garage sale and sold our tent, camp kitchen, and cots. On a serious note, it’s been a step by step process in learning how to decode my clutter and focus on what really matters. And what I’ve discovered is that with a few simple adjustments I am finding a lighter lifestyle that has brightened my path in many aspects. 

Thinking of you always,


Meet Christy

 Founder/Owner of Simplify Firefly.

 I simply strive to do my part with what I got. I love creating practical ideas and writing about topics that help us live an easier lifestyle. In my spare time you’ll definitely find me outside walking the dog, tinkering in the garden, camping, or sitting in a snowbank on a clear night.

I’m a certified Life Coach (CLC) through Life Purpose Institute, a certified Life Breakthrough Coach, a certified Weight Management & Nutrition Consultant through Blue Heron Academy, and follower of Jesus Christ. Being an online business owner and retailer for over 18+ years fits my personality of wearing many hats. I owned and operated EverydayFruit.com for 10 years and Do More Than Exist for 11 years. I serve on the prayer path at church and volunteer at local parks.

What I wear everyday – an apron, I’m messy when I cook.

My very first job – Corn Detasseler.

Best way to end the day – comfy clothes, couch, cookie.


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Meet Mark

Financial Coach.

My goal at Simplify Firefly is to help people not stress about their finances, to simplify their money management, and to help them achieve their goals. I’m an outdoorsman; you’ll find me hunting, fishing, camping, or trekking when I get a spare weekend.

I am a certified Money Coach by the Dave Ramsey Group. Since 2003 I have served at church as a financial counselor and have coached over 1,000 people. In 2007 I started Compass Realty Services & Property Management in my basement and now have 25 employees…not in my basement. Genesis Waters is an organization where I serve as a board member and volunteer.  

What I wear everyday – Confidence

Very first job – Milking Cows.

Favorite condiment – Red Hot.


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Meet Rosie

CEO (Chief Environmental Officer)

At Simplify Firefly my job is to protect the work environment. I guard the office from furry intruders, I assure the atmosphere is light and happy (my looks do the trick all the time), and I alert everyone when a package arrives. I also oversee and lead the ‘brainstorm walks’ at noon. My favorite time of day is ‘break time’ when I practice my chasing skills with my amazing squeaky toy.

What I wear everyday – fur, blonde is my go-to.

My very first job – Snuggling…I still do this.

Favorite thing ever – my Elephant Pillow Pet.  

Best way to end the day – walk, frozen yogurt, ear rub.

“Christy was a great coach.  She helped to pull out of me the true issues I was struggling with.  She guided me through a process to come up with solutions to overcome these issues.  In just a month I was back on track with a clear path to follow. I would recommend Christy as a coach to anyone.”


“Christy’s blog posts are loaded with valuable information about how to navigate life. Big issues, big options for taking on the issues, very full of good reading and good actions if you heed the wisdom and suggestions and do what moves you. Thank you Christy for bringing yourself and real-life experiences into all this. I have been truly moved and inspired.


“I am SO incredibly thankful for Christy and her beautiful heart and insightful spirit. I was referred to Christy and found her immediately to be uplifting. She is an amazing woman of faith who reinforces courage to stand up and fight for the best.


“This was my first experience with a life coach and it was great! Christy asked thought provoking questions to make you think harder about specific aspects of your life. She was very attentive, and had useful information to make this process a success.”


“Hey Wellness Way just wanted to say thank you. It’s crazy how those 3 action steps have changed me. I don’t feel deprived and it’s super easy. And drum roll please, I’m seeing results!”

Jodi W.

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