I’m a gal who wants to be an amazing mom, to live simply, and to shine my light.  At Simplify Firefly, I focus on inspiring you to be your brightestWhether your body needs a little fine-tuning, or your mental well-being needs a lift, or you simply want to enjoy life; I’m here to provide fresh ideas and tips on how to simplify your life today.  

A bit of my story

Before this was Simplify Firefly, it was Do More Than Exist. Do More Than Exist birthed when I renewed my faith in Jesus (2005). I realized that I wasn’t on this planet for myself, but for Him. Navigating life with a renewed mindset is exciting yet hard; however, what I found was that simply reading the words do more than exist helped me and many others stay focused on what we’re really here for.

In 2019, I added Simplify Firefly to reach more people; to help people discover they can make a difference simply by shining their light in the darkness. We’re faced with everyday challenges that irritate our minds, discourage us, cause unwelcomed anxiety, and can be downright depressing. Life is hard, life is unfair. But! If you and I can shine our light in these tough seasons, then we can shine a light on others who may be going through the same thing. It’s all about encouragement and helping others see that they got what it takes. Simply taking time to give sparkle in others’ lives makes all the difference in the world.


More about me

Speaking of challenges, you should probably know I am human, I’ve had my fair share and more are coming…that’s how life works. From living paycheck to paycheck, to infertility, being overweight, autoimmune disease, miscarriage, anxiety, colitis, hyperemesis gravidarum, and depression to name a few; I’ve gotten through these things by the power of Jesus and encouragement from others. It wasn’t always pretty and graceful, but I can’t thank the Lord Almighty enough for His hand in helping me. My gift back is to help others with what has helped me.

With that said, I’m passionate about the gluten-free diet and dairy-free diet. Nutrition and mental health is also something you’ll see here. I also have a spark for inspirational and motivational quotes. Not to mention, the health of our environment. And what’s life without a little fun? For parents, I have a variety of fun printables for kids, to not only give us parents a break, but to bring joy and happiness to your child’s life. Let’s face it, when our kids are happy, our hearts are full.

Enjoy this blog and be sure to check out my purposeful printables on Etsy!

Thinking of you always,


Meet Christy

 Founder/Owner of Simplify Firefly.

 I simply strive to do my part with what I got. I love creating practical ideas and writing about topics that help us live an easier lifestyle. In my spare time, you’ll definitely find me outside walking the dog, tinkering in the garden, camping, or sitting in a snowbank on a clear night.

I’m a certified Life Coach (CLC) through Life Purpose Institute, a certified Life Breakthrough Coach, a certified Weight Management & Nutrition Consultant through Blue Heron Academy and a follower of Jesus Christ. Being an online business owner and retailer for over 18+ years fits my personality of wearing many hats. I owned and operated EverydayFruit.com for 10 years and Do More Than Exist for 11 years. I serve on the prayer path at church and volunteer at local parks.

What I wear every day – an apron, I’m messy when I cook.

My very first job – Corn Detasseler.

Best way to end the day – bath.


Meet Rosie

CEO (Chief Environmental Officer)

At Simplify Firefly my job is to protect the work environment. I guard the office from furry intruders, I assure the atmosphere is light and happy (my looks do the trick all the time), and I alert everyone when a package arrives. I also oversee and lead the ‘brainstorm walks’ at noon. My favorite time of day is ‘break time’ when I practice my chasing skills with my amazing squeaky toy.

What I wear everyday – fur, blonde is my go-to.

My very first job – Snuggling…I still do this.

Favorite thing ever – my Elephant Pillow Pet.  

Best way to end the day – walk, frozen yogurt, ear rub.

Simplify Firefly Etsy

“Christy’s blog posts are loaded with valuable information about how to navigate life. Big issues, big options for taking on the issues, very full of good reading and good actions if you heed the wisdom and suggestions and do what moves you. Thank you Christy for bringing yourself and real-life experiences into all this. I have been truly moved and inspired.


“I am SO incredibly thankful for Christy and her beautiful heart and insightful spirit. I was referred to Christy and found her immediately to be uplifting. She is an amazing woman of faith who reinforces courage to stand up and fight for the best.


“This was my first experience with a life coach and it was great! Christy asked thought provoking questions to make you think harder about specific aspects of your life. She was very attentive, and had useful information to make this process a success.”


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