Chaos vs Simplicity. A Strategy You Don’t Want to Miss.

Aug 19, 2020 | Mental Goodness

The world is dominated by chaos especially now; pandemic, racial injustice, a shaky economy, broken homes, and anxiety-filled minds. If you look at what’s on TV, YouTube, and in theaters, you wouldn’t be surprised by the health of our world. Right now is a great time to pull out your secret weapon to fight chaos and kick it to the curb. Learn how to access your boxing gloves and how to use them effectively every day. You’ll be surprised how much simpler life gets and enjoyable.

The start of the school year

Starting school during a pandemic is stressful. No one knows what to expect or how to react. In fact, there is no right way. At least they have some type of school. As the kids head off to school or start their online education, we moms, whisper to ourselves about the tranquility we’re about to experience. Let’s face it, it’s been months of constant contact with our precious babies. We love our children, but to help them survive on their own, they need to leave the nest. With an extra cup of coffee, a wide stretch of our arms, and a sigh of relief, we can finally relax and have the house (or room) to ourselves. Or is that false?

Yes, it’s true that the kids or gone or quiet, but it’s false that tranquility is immediate, it’s going to take some work to get there. When ‘me time’ comes we have this grand plan what we’ll do with ourselves, but we soon find our left brain playing ping pong with our right. Before we know it, mental chaos settles in. “I’m home alone, I only have X amount of time to get everything done! I’m not going to get it done! Can I get anything done? Oh my gosh! I just wasted an hour doing nothing!” This is what I call ‘Silent Chaos’.

Who is Mr. Silent Chaos?

Last month, I was feeling Silent Chaos put his welcome mat on my doorstep. My health was a mess, my kid’s EOE flared up, our kitchen was being remodeled, we were living in our basement out of boxes, work was overwhelming, and we had this pandemic going on. Mr. Silent Chaos paralyzed me. I was pissed. Who and what is going on? As I peeled back the layer of this mess I clearly saw that the Enemy is going on. Satan is having a heyday with this pandemic mess we’re in and I’m actually more upset at myself for letting him set-up camp in my life. Do you hear me?

My go-to for cleaning my head out

When there is too much going on in my head I usually grab a piece of copy paper and write down ALL the things on my mind and categorize them in different departments. This way I can visually see what I have going on in there and I can come up with a game plan on how to tackle it. This technique usually does the trick, but this time I was still unsettled. Grr.

My enlightenment, who knew?

As I was listening to my daily devotional, the pastor talked about something that helped explain why I was feeling so overwhelmed. It was something I didn’t think of and that’s what I want to share with you.

Personal values do what?

Did you ever think personal values had a role in our serenity? I used to think personal values were like jewels in a black velvet bag; you learn them when you’re young and then carry them around with you. BUT don’t you dare get them out and use them because they’re valuable. Did I sure have that backward.

It had been a while since I opened my bag of personal values. Let’s face it, I’m an adult, and values are taught when we are children, right? Not so, those are morals. Morals are beliefs that are taught to us. Think of morals as “acceptable” acts. Parents usually teach morals to help a child determine what is right and wrong. Personal values come from within; they define what is important to us and help us make the right decisions that align with our heart. When personal values are used correctly we ultimately experience happiness with our decisions.

Ahem. There is no better time than now to review your personal values. For me and Mr. Silent Chaos, my personal values had to intervene to save the day, along with some Bible verses of course. When our values align with our decisions, life is SO much easier and happier.

Free Download from Simplify Firefly

How could something so simple have such a big impact?

The first week of school is a GREAT time to revisit our values. And that’s what I did, I took a minute and grabbed my values exercise and reviewed what I wrote down as my core values. During the exercise, I realized some values had changed and that was probably one of the causes of my chaotic feeling. When we understand WHY we’re making certain decisions, we understand ourselves better and can move forward by making the right decision for our sanity.

After my values exercise, my mind felt clearer and cleaner. It felt like getting new running shoes, I was ready to run hours on end. At this point, I could now go back and look at my paper where I wrote everything down and organize it according to my values.

If you’re at a point where ‘simplifying your life’ sounds like heaven, then sharpen your pencil. Chaos isn’t welcome in my home anymore. In fact, if I can keep myself in-line with my values and speak God’s word, then the enemy doesn’t have a foothold on me. Fight back with what the Lord put in you, use your personal values.

“If you watch your life, you’ll be amazed at how many times a week Satan launches an attack against you for the sole purpose of stealing your peace. When I finally saw that, God said to me in my spirit, “Joyce, if the devil wants your peace that badly, then there must be something pretty powerful about being peaceful.”

– Joyce Meyer

Download my personal values exercise now. Here are some great verses to fight off the enemy, I highly recommend memorizing these. Get full access to all my freebies here. Our world needs you to be your best to beat this beast of a year.

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